Why does performance matter?

Even microseconds of difference in page load time can make a huge difference to a customer's opinion of your site. Slow load time is one of the main reasons that a customer will leave your site.

Since 2014, page load time has also been incorporated into Google's PageRank algorithms. Faster-loading sites are ranked higher than slow sites in search results.

Speeding up your site is the most important part of improving the ecommerce customer experience.

Our process

  1. Review your site using a profiler to determine how long different parts are taking to load
  2. Identify parts of your site that are taking longer than they should or that are causing significant delays
  3. Optimize the code in the identified areas to reduce overall load time

Instead of a 'one size fits all' approach, our performance solutions are tailor-made to your needs and goals.

Case study:


The client, Automotive Superstore is a large automotive parts and accessories store. They wanted us to speed up their site, in particular the complex lookups that occur when products are being filtered by a vehicle type. This is complicated by the fact that their product and vehicle data is being constantly updated.


We took a copy of the site and profiled it locally, using special software, to determine which bottlenecks occurred during specific processes. In this case, we identified some external API calls that were limiting the speed of the site, as well as some processes that could be simplified.

After identifying the bottlenecks, we developed a system to reduce the performance overhead of these tasks by caching the non-volatile data and asyncing requests that couldn't be cached (due to volatility).


We reduced the initial load speed of an uncached page from 9 seconds to 2 (a reduction of over 70%).

"We have seen some aspects of the site working orders of magnitude faster. This has led to increased sales, traffic and organic rank!"

Babak Sanayei, Automotive Superstore

Problems we solve:

  1. Your site has slowed down under increased traffic
  2. You've added more products and category pages are loading slowly
  3. New extensions have increased your loadtime
  4. Your bounce rate has gone up because of customers losing patience

We can make your current website perform two to three times better without upgrading your hardware.

Sound familiar? Let's talk!