Got an idea?

We've built lots of custom extensions for high-needs online businesses. From custom API integrations to in-browser product creation modules, we love working to customize your site to your needs.

Whatever you need built, we have the Magento expertise to get it done.

Modules we've created

  1. Fraud detection tools
  2. Drag and drop charm bracelet creator
  3. Mix and match bikini bundles
  4. Custom API Integration for stock control
  5. Translation modules for volatile data
  6. Custom CMS elements for responsive, highly dynamic page content
  7. Subscription control for recurring purchases

Bracelet creator

Customers can drag and drop charms from a filtered list onto a base bracelet. Individual charms, prices and subtotal display on the right.

Mix and Match bikini shopping

Customers can select a style, fabric and size for a bikini top and bottom. Prices update as different attributes are selected.

We can help:

  1. integrate your store with a tricky API
  2. develop custom checkout functions
  3. multi-channel your sales avenues
  4. enrich your customers' experience with interactive shopping options
  5. streamline your content management process

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