At Grep, we've been developing software professionally for almost a decade, with a special focus on Magento eCommerce. What can we do for your business?


We've been working with Magento since 2009, and we know the ins and outs of both CE and EE. We've got the Developer Plus certification.

Considering Magento Enterprise, or up for renewal? We could save you thousands! Talk to us about our EE-equivalent solution.
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performance optimization

We specialize in speeding up Magento websites so that your customers can access the content they need instantly.

We can make your current website perform two to three times better without upgrading your hardware.
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custom features

Got an idea for an extension or custom feature? We've designed and built lots of unique features for high-needs online businesses.

Whatever you need built, we have the expertise to get it done to the highest standard.
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software upgrades

Upgrading to a newer software version can cause lots of problems. We have years of experience in identifying and resolving the issues that come with an upgrade.

Ask us how we can make your transition as easy as possible.

ongoing support

Our monitoring solutions make sure that we're alerted the moment that there's a problem with your site, so that we can fix it quickly and efficiently.

Your site needs to be accessible 24/7, so we are too.

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